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Your lawn is one of the first impressions neighbors and visitors will have of your property. It says just as much about the inside of your home as it does about the outside curb appeal. That is why residents put significant trust into the lawn mowing services of MR Landscaping and Construction. Our team of lawn care professionals takes great pride in providing regularly scheduled lawn care services. We aim to remove the time-consuming chore of lawn mowing out of our customers’ hands to spend more time doing things they enjoy. As a full-service local lawn care and landscape company, we are familiar with the year-round climate in the Massachusetts area and how to care for lawns. They are just as healthy during our scorching summers as they are in the spring and fall when it’s cooler. We follow best practices and maintain all of our equipment to high standards to achieve excellent lawn care results. When you hire us, you know you are making the right choice!


Complete Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing service provided by us, includes everything your lawn needs to thrive and remain healthy throughout the year. These services also add beautiful curb appeal to your home. Our residential lawn service includes:


It may go without saying, but our lawn service includes mowing all turf and grass areas on your property — front, back, and side yards.


Weed Eating and Edging

We are thorough with our lawn care services and make sure all of the hard to reach areas of your lawn get taken care of with our trimmers. Sometimes traditional lawn tools won’t cut it, which is why we carry only the industry’s best to get the job done right. These areas include around all driveways, curbs, trees, fencing, posts, and other lawn decors. We are mindful and careful about everything on our customers’ properties by not forcing our larger mowers into smaller areas.

High-quality Mowers

We choose lawnmowing equipment with your grass’s health in mind. We use mulching mowers on our clients’ turf because mulching mowers return beneficial nutrients to the soil and turf, promoting healthy growth throughout the year. They are also more sustainable for the environment.



Our lawn maintenance program offers the flexibility of joining our weekly or bi-weekly schedule for lawn mowing service. Our weekly option is our most popular and recommended, especially for those who have irrigation systems or use fertilizers. Our bi-weekly option is available for those with slower-growing turf.

In addition to providing excellent lawn care service, we make sure our customers know just what they can expect from the landscape services we perform. We offer property owners a free estimate for our lawn mowing services and are available to answer any questions about all of our lawn and landscape services.