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Hardscapes serve as perfect complements to softscapes and offer added functionality and appeal to any landscaped property. In the hands of professional hardscapers like us, your desired pieces will be built according to your specifications and with only the best materials available.

At MR Landscaping and Construction, we have created some extraordinary hardscape structures for clients in Massachusetts. We use only top-quality materials when creating hardscapes for our clients to ensure that they will enjoy the benefits for decades to come. Specifically, these are the hardscape pieces that we can design and install on your property:


What we do

MR Landscaping and Construction has been creating beautiful and long-lasting hardscapes for residential property owners in the state. Our decades of experience in the industry have helped us become experts in hardscape design and installation. Our impressive portfolio is our proof that we can create your dream outdoor features at costs that won't hurt your pockets. We have the resources, skilled manpower, and the experience needed to handle all kinds of masonry and concrete features in your property.


Top-quality Pavers

Pavers are the most preferred masonry materials for hardscapes. They can be used on almost every hardscape feature in your landscape or outdoor space. We recommend these materials because of their durability, long-lasting quality, and affordability. The paver products that we use are proven top-quality and sourced only from leading hardscape manufacturers in the country. They provide us with a wide range of paver designs, colors, sizes, and finishes. With the large paver collections that we have, we can easily achieve custom designs that reflect your personality or lifestyle.